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Success in college begins with appropriate course placement. A student’s first math course is critical to that success. With a unique combination of adaptive assessment and personalized learning, ALEKS Placement, Preparation and Learning (PPL) accurately measures the student’s math foundation and creates a personalized learning module to review and refresh lost knowledge. This allows the student to be placed and successful in the right course, expediting the student’s path to complete their degree.

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Personalized Learning

Place Higher with Practice

ALEKS PPL is not just a placement test. Once a student takes their first assessment, they are then directed to personalized learning modules to help refresh key concepts before they retake the assessment. Students who spend an average of eight hours in preparation mode often place in a higher course.


of Students Increased Placement

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Lower D/F/W Rate

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Increase in STEM Enrollments

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Higher Pass Rate

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The Right Placement Creates Greater Value

Students invest thousands of dollars in their education. ALEKS PPL helps students optimize course enrollment by avoiding courses they don’t need to take and helping them pass the courses they do need to take. With more accurate student placement, institutions will retain the students that they recruit initially, increasing their recruitment investment and decreasing their DFW rates. Understanding where your incoming students are placing helps to plan and develop course schedules and allocate resources efficiently.

Personalized Learning


Students Saved in Tuition

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What Makes ALEKS PPL Effective


Knowledge Assessment

ALEKS PPL provides insight into what each student knows and is ready to learn with a single personalized, open-response assessment covering 314 topics in 30 questions or less. The entire assessment can be completed in 90 minutes. Based on this adaptive assessment, ALEKS PPL determines a student’s readiness and places him or her into courses from Basic Math to Calculus 1.

Commitment to Accessibility

ALEKS PPL does not rely exclusively on color to convey critical information, so it is fully accessible to those who are colorblind. ALEKS PPL uses screen magnification to improve vision. A full navigational keyboard is an alternative to a mouse and the content does not rely on audio, making it accessible to students with hearing impairments. Students with visual impairments can access ALEKS PPL through the use of screen reader technology when Accessibility Mode is enabled. If you offer ALEKS PPL to blind or visually impaired students, you can create a separate cohort for those students and make the Accessibility Mode available to that entire cohort.

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Personalized Learning


“The improvements we have seen in our students’ D/F/W rate are largely attributable to no other factor than our use of ALEKS PPL.”

Douglas Mupasiri - Professor, University of Northern Iowa

“ALEKS PPL is the only test that I know of that measures a student’s actual mathematical skill set. And not only does it measure it, but it quantifies it and tells me exactly what the students know and what they don’t know. And that is a huge thing.”

John Hansen - Dean of STEMM Division, Iowa Central Community College

“I really love the adaptive nature of the placement which is unparalleled in its industry. The administrative support has been absolutely phenomenal – my questions were always answered in a timely fashion, and the people at ALEKS have welcomed any opportunity for collaboration. Overall, my experience with ALEKS, including the product and the people, has been very positive and rewarding.”

Jen-Mei Chang - Associate Professor, California State Long Beach


Training and Support

The ALEKS PPL team is committed to partnering with you from setup and integration to analyzing your data. Our regional PPL managers and support team will train and support your implementation to maximize your math placement experience. For no additional cost, we work directly with your IT team, support your data transfer and ensure single sign-on with your school enterprise system. And, in partnership with our PPL data experts, we evaluate efficacy to help you enhance the placement experience and reach your goals.

Should there be an issue, tech support is available by phone, online or chat.

Success Stories

The staff and students of Kent State University talk about the improved outcomes of using ALEKS PPL.

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