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Connect Business Law

Focus on student learning with Connect Business Law. Managing assignments is easier and students can access course content anywhere.

Connect Business Law Features


Quiz questions guide students to demonstrate mastery of course material and shed light on which concepts students have learned and which concepts still need to be reinforced. Designed to drive active learning and promote retention, LearnSmart is proven to help student improve their grades.

LearnSmart screen displayed on a computer montior, tablet and mobile phone


Proven to help students get better grades and designed to encourage comprehension and long-term retention, SmartBook prompts students to demonstrate understanding of key concepts as they read and learn. The technology continually adapts to their behavior, guiding them to master the most difficult material.

Female student using SmartBook

Interactive Applications

Provided for each chapter, instructors can assign application-focused interactive activities, stimulate critical thinking, and reinforce key concepts. Students apply what they’ve learned and receive immediate feedback, while instructors can monitor student progress.

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Seeking Better Outcomes in Your Course?

Click on the CASE STUDIES button below to discover how instructors across the country are achieving better outcomes.

Get answers to questions like:

  • How do I integrate Connect® into the course syllabus?

  • How do I maximize the impact of adaptive learning?

  • How can I use reports to intervene before a student gets off track?

  • How do I use Connect to grow active/applied learning?

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Discover how you can flip your own classroom.

Click the button below to view a podcast series hosted by Jeffrey L. Anderson and Larry Hess. Each podcast is less than five minutes and will provide you with tips and best practices for flipping your own classroom.

Podcast topics include:

  • What is the flipped classroom?
  • What does a flipped classroom look like?
  • How do I flip my classroom?
  • What are some best practices for flipping the classroom?
  • How do I flip my class today?

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Hear From Your Peers: Digital Faculty Consultants

Curious to know what your peers have to say about using McGraw-Hill Education products in the classroom? Meet our Digital Faculty Consultants: a network of passionate educators—just like you—who have experienced success in the classroom using our technology and products.

Frank Hatstat: Digital Faculty Consultant for Business Law

Frank Hatstat
DFC for Business Law
Portland State University