Health and Human Performance

Resources designed to help students achieve success in Health and Human Performance are just a click away. Scroll down for more.

Health and Human Performance

Resources designed to help students achieve success in Health and Human Performance are just a click away. Scroll down for more.

Health and Human Performance

Resources designed to help students achieve success in Health and Human Performance are just a click away. Scroll down for more.

Health and Human Performance

Resources designed to help students achieve success in Health and Human Performance are just a click away. Scroll down for more.

Connect Health and Human Performance

A wealth of interactive digital content that can be easily assigned, automatically-graded and sent directly to the course gradebook, Connect cuts down time on grading so instructors can focus on teaching.

Connect Health and Human Performance Features

Connect Overview

Connect strengthens the link between faculty, students and coursework. Watch to learn more.

Health Video Series

Original documentary-style videos feature topics like tanning, tattooing, partner violence, stress, and DUIs. Both students and industry professionals appear in each video, discussing opinions and research.

Health Video Series screenshot

Interactive Lab Activities

By completing labs that focus on a variety of fitness and wellness topics, students are provided with a well-rounded understanding of how to make positive behavior changes and get instant feedback about their current level of wellness. Students can then use this feedback to create their own individualized programs for improvement.

Interactive Lab Activities screenshot

Connect Insight

The first and only analytics tool of its kind, Connect Insight offers visual displays that provide at-a-glance, easy-to-decipher data on how your students are performing. Track performance across your entire section, or easily drill into data insights into an individual student, a particular assignment, or a specific class.

Connect Reporting

Connect Health & Human Performance keeps instructors informed about how each student, section, and class is performing, allowing for more productive use of lecture and office hours. Instructors have the ability to assess and analyze students’ progress on assignments throughout the term, seamlessly and with ease.

Connect Health and Human Performance Titles

Connect Online Access for Your Health Today: Choices in a Changing Society
5th Edition, By Michael Teague, Sara Mackenzie and David Rosenthal

Connect Online Access for Core Concepts in Health Brief
14th Edition, By Paul Insel and Walton Roth

Connect Online Access for Fit & Well: Core Concepts and Labs in Physical Fitness and Wellness
12th Edition, By Thomas Fahey, Paul Insel, and Walton Roth

Connect Online Access for Concepts of Fitness And Wellness: A Comprehensive Lifestyle Approach
11th Edition, By Charles Corbin, Gregory Welk, William Corbin, and Karen Welk

Connect Online Access for Questions and Answers: A Guide to Fitness and Wellness
3rd Edition, By Gary Liguori and Sandra Carroll-Cobb

Connect Online Access for A Wellness Way of Life
10th edition, By Gwen Robbins

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Teacher in front of a Class

Connect Get Active 2.0

Providing consistent content and assessment across sports and activities courses. With Connect students get video demonstrations and interactive activities on:

  • fitness and wellness
  • sports and activities
  • flexibility and conditioning


liveWell: A Healthy Foundation for Life, is an innovative online, multi-media program designed to help college students improve their well-being and management stress.

liveWell is a two-part, self-administered program that includes:

  • online tailored intervention with questions and feedback individualized to each student
  • an interactive homepage containing dynamic web activities matched to the individual’s readiness to change
  • tools that promoted well-being at college:
    • instructional exercise videos
    • dorm snack ideas
    • nutritious grocery shop tips on a budget
    • stress management tools
    • tips for time management

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Karen Dennis

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Illinois State University


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