Flexible Course Material

You have your own way of teaching and Connect can help supplement your instruction. With Connect, you have the option to use our content, your own content or some combination of both, to help you align with your course syllabus.

Real Value

Customize Your Course

With Connect, you’ll have access to a pre-built course and assignments. You can use it as is or you can edit, change or add material however you want to fit your course syllabus. As your course progresses, it’s simple to adjust assignments to help your students master the material.

Administer Assignments

Connect features a question bank that lets you create homework, practice tests and quizzes by simply selecting the questions you want. On average, instructors spend 65% less time creating and administering quizzes with Connect.


Less Time Grading Quizzes

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Real Value

Real Value

Manage Scheduling

Connect allows you to schedule and adjust important syllabus dates such as exams, quizzes, assignment deadlines and homework due dates so students can manage accountability and their studies more effectively.

Update Policies

Connect allows you to adjust timed assignments, assign or deduct points, add the use of eBook, customize due dates for individual students and share reports with other instructors and adjuncts. As your course progresses students will always know what’s expected of them.

Real Value

Real Value

Students Can Study Anywhere

With Connect, students have the flexibility to study when they want. Our Read Anywhere app lets students access their eBook from their mobile phone or tablets. Students can even download a chapter or the entire text if they want to study offline.

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