Grading and Reporting

Connect can dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend reviewing homework and grading quizzes so you can spend more productive time on individual student guidance.

Real Value

Spend Less Time Grading

Connect automatically grades assignments and quizzes, saving instructors an average of 50 to 60 minutes per week, freeing up valuable time for students.


Minutes Saved Grading

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Provides Learning Outcomes Assessment

Item-Analysis Reports identify the learning outcomes your students have achieved and allow you to utilize assessment information to adapt assignments, and resources to help you achieve your course goals.

The report highlights topics for which individuals or the entire class may need extra help, so you can use your class time more effectively for all students.

Real Value

Real Value

Identify At-Risk Students

At-Risk reports flag any student who is having trouble, so you can step in and help them out sooner.

Track Progress

Connect uses auto-grading to create customizable reports showing how students are progressing with course material on a class and on an individual level. You’ll also gain an overview of the time spent on each assignment and the number of assignments completed.

Real Value

Real Value

Feedback for Students

Connect also lets students access their own reports by chapter and topic. They can see how they are progressing and come to class more confident and better prepared for exams.

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