Reduce Costs and Improve Student Performance with Inclusive Access

All students will have immediate access to digital course material on the very first day of class through your learning management system. That means they can start courses worry-free and focus on learning.


Provide Students Flexible, Effective Content at a Lower Cost


Cost Savings for Students

Our scaled product delivery ensures access for all enrolled students and provides a reduced cost of up to 70% for your students across all of their courses.


Higher Scores with Day 1 Access

Students with immediate access to materials score 20% higher than those who wait two or more weeks. Our digital learning solutions seamlessly integrate with your LMS, so your students can have access on day one. Review our research on the impact of delayed access to course materials.



“I am very passionate about our [Inclusive Access] program. It is very important to me that our program here at our institution is successful, because I do think that this is the future for bookstores and publishers.”

Erin McGonigle - Course Materials Initiative (CMI) Coordinator, University of Massachusetts

“My main goals were to reduce cost of course materials and to provide access to needed course materials from the first day of class to improve the student outcomes. [It’s] a win-win…”

Mary Johnson - Medical Record Coding Program Director, Central Carolina Technical College

“I am interested in helping faculty to improve student success and retention: Inclusive Access is the best way to make sure students have the material they need to be successful in their coursework.”

John Starnes, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Biology, Somerset Community College

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“This partnership with McGraw-Hill Education is very innovative and timely. In addition to the cost-savings, this program will provide improved learning outcomes for our students.”

Mun Choi - System President, University of Missouri

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Resources to Get the Most from Inclusive Access

We provide tips on how to get started, best practices on using Inclusive Access, a list of our third-party partners and a link to our customer experience group. We currently partner with more than 350 institutions, including RedShelf, Vital Source/Verba, Follett, Barnes and Noble, and Unizin.

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Success Stories

Allison McGullion, Associate Professor, shares her view on the cost benefits of Inclusive Access.

The leaders of Liberty University discuss how the value of Inclusive Access improves the student experience and performance.

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