Inclusive Access

McGraw-Hill Education’s Inclusive Access program is designed to ensure that every student, regardless of circumstance, has access to high quality adaptive learning products through their LMS on Day 1. Our research has found that a lack of access to affordable course content and digital learning materials has a detrimental effect on student grades, engagement, and overall performance. Read the entire Case Study here.
McGraw-Hill Education’s Inclusive Access program is an innovative direct digital distribution program that ensures inclusive access for all students to their required learning materials while improving engagement and long-term educational outcomes.

The benefit of the Inclusive Access program includes:

  • “Day One” access to critical course materials provided to all enrolled students
  • Seamless connection to course materials through your LMS
  • Flexible business and delivery models to meet the unique needs of your institution
  • Reduced cost of materials based on scaled sell-through to all students
  • Utilize digital materials via laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Provide opt out to comply with DOE regulations
  • Removes hurdles of financial aid delays


How is Inclusive Access Implemented?

  • Best results are realized when faculty make digital homework and assessment platforms such as Connect, ALEKS or SimNet required for 15% - 20% of grade – ensures students and faculty arrive to class primed, engaged, and ready to learn on day one
  • Reciprocal commitment made between instructors and McGraw-Hill Education implementation staff to train on how to best integrate the digital homework and assessment platform into their curriculum
  • Partner with 3rd party e-reader platform to deliver eBooks
  • Work with Academic IT to address learning management system integration parameters

• Determine which LMS is in use on campus
• Install MH Campus or Building Block
• Work with faculty to pair course in homework and assessment platform via LMS
• Confirm content or platform delivery method – Open Access or Supercode