ALEKS Placement, Preparation and Learning is the first platform on the market to combine a placement assessment that places from Basic Math through Calculus I and provides six months of personalized learning and remediation to help students succeed. This is not an online test. ALEKS PPL is a complete system that addresses college preparedness, course performance, and retention.

True Cost of Placement

A math placement program can have far reaching effects on both students and the institution. Students invest thousands of dollars on courses for which they may not be prepared or enroll in courses beneath their ability and delay their time to graduation. Institutions spend millions of dollars recruiting students, hiring faculty, maintaining classrooms, advising and other resources. What happens to that money spent when students fail or withdrawal? Have you evaluated what these changes could mean for your institution?

Prep & Learning

ALEKS PPL offers customizable settings for administrators which encourage students to use the Prep and Learning Module. Administrators can require students to work for a specific number of hours before the next placement assessment is unlocked. As students increase their mastery level in the selected Prep and Learning Module, they gain confidence and will be better positioned to succeed in their math course.

Research Based

Many students have been away from math prior to arriving on campus and need an opportunity to relearn topics they may have forgotten. Using Knowledge Space Theory, ALEKS PPL identifies the student’s current knowledge state identifying what a student knows and is ready to learn next.

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