Learning Science

How do we learn? This question is at the core of learning science - and at the core of our approach toward optimizing learning in today's classroom. Learning science draws from research across many disciplines, and we leverage this research to inform how educators use content and data to target knowledge gaps, personalize instruction, promote retention, and transform learning.

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What is Learning Science?

Learning science is an emerging and collaborative field of research. Focused on examining how learning occurs – and how to optimize that learning – this field draws from a wide variety of disciplines, including neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, education, computer science, anthropology, instructional design, and the information sciences.

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What Makes Us a
Learning Science Company?

Learning science grounds our approach to improving educational outcomes. To deliver world-class content, tools, platforms, and services proven to improve student outcomes, we apply and engage in learning science research to ignite the spark between teaching and learning. We focus on the space where the science of learning meets the art of teaching.

Our understanding of learning science informs every aspect of our learning ecosystems, including:

  • Robust and proven content and assessments that support individual learning goals.

  • Research-based adaptive learning technology to personalize the learning experience.

  • An open platform

  • Comprehensive data analytics to support students and teachers throughout the learning process.

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Our Approach to Learning Science

Advancements in our understanding of learning, and how that learning can be supported by technology, have allowed us to transform the educational experience in ways that were once thought to be impossible. It has never been easier to track student progress, target knowledge gaps, or create personalized learning plans for students based on individual needs. These advancements, when they are driven by the application of learning science, not only provide insight into what students are learning but allow us to understand how each student learns.

We believe the application of learning science is most effective when it is used to support the art of teaching. We recognize that educators bring knowledge, expertise, and most importantly, a personal touch in the classroom that no technology will ever be able to replicate. Our goal is to provide the support teachers need to optimize their talents for instruction, while providing content and tools that are driven by a strong research base.

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