Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning: Individualized ELA and Math Programs for Digital Natives

All students are unique. They learn in different ways, at different paces, and have different interests. Each has potential waiting to be unlocked, and K–12 educators are making bold curriculum moves to address the unique needs of every student.

Personalized learning solutions for ELA and math empower educators with the ability to address these unique needs, while charting a course toward standards mastery. Educational experiences are dynamically individualized to ensure each student remains challenged, engaged, and supported along their learning path. Rich, accelerated achievement for every student is possible when you:

  • Provide personalized learning at the pace that’s right for each learner.
  • Improve behavior and confidence through self-paced proficiency.
  • Inform instructional decisions for individuals, groups, and the entire class through real-time progress monitoring and performance data.
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Their Personal Best

Our personalized learning solutions support blended instruction and the creation of digital pathways to provide remediation for struggling learners, supportive practice for on-level students, and enrichment for advanced students. Take a look at the personalized learning solutions guide to find out which solutions can address your K–12 learners.

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Insights and Strategies

District leaders and educators just like you are implementing innovative curricula and instructional technology. Learn more about the best practices for creating highly effective, student-centered learning environments and gain insight into current and timely personalized and blended learning strategies with this on-demand webinar produced by Education Week.

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Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?

Are you an ed-tech expert, a digital novice, or somewhere in between? Which ELA and math programs match your strategies? Take our free assessment to evaluate the readiness of your school or district for incorporating personalized learning solutions. Then explore recommendations for the top personalized learning programs that meet your students’ needs and your goals.

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Partners for Success

Partners for Success

Personalized learning strategies and initiatives require specialized curriculum and technological knowledge. Our personalized learning curriculum specialists can help you see the big picture, and provide you with the insight you need to plan and successfully implement blended learning curriculum solutions in your school or district.

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