K-5 Authors

The Reveal Math™ Team

Our learning scientists teamed up with expert authors and advisors to create a program guided by validated academic research and classroom best practices. Their guidance elevates the Reveal Math program and drives our philosophy forward.

Curriculum Authors

Linda Gojak, M. Ed.

Expert in both theory and practice of strong mathematics instruction

  • Watch Dr. Gojak speak about thinking like a mathematician.
  • Director, Center for Mathematics and Science Education, Teaching, and Technology at John Carroll University (OH), 1999–2016
  • President, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), 2012–2014
  • President, National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM), 2005–2007 NCTM Board of Directors, 1996–1999
  • Elementary Mathematics Specialist, Hawken School, Cleveland, Ohio, 1978–1999
  • Recipient, Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching
  • Recipient, Christofferson-Fawcett Award for Leadership in Mathematics Education
  • Author and co-author of numerous articles and books

Ralph Connelly, Ph.D.

Authority on the development of early mathematical understanding

  • Professor and Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Education-Brock University, 1977–present
  • NCTM Mathematics Education Trust Board, 2016–present
  • NCSM Board of Directors, 1994–1996, and 2006–2008
  • Ontario Ministry of Education Expert Panel in Mathematics 2002–2003, 2004–2005
  • President, Ontario Association for Mathematics Education (OAME), 1987–1988, 1998–1999
  • Senior author of three elementary educational textbook series

Susie Katt, M.Ed.

Advocate for the unique needs of our youngest mathematicians

  • K–2 Mathematics Coordinator, Lincoln Public Schools, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Special appointment lecturer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Robert Noyce National Science Foundation Master Teaching Fellowship, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 2012–2016
  • R. L. Fredstrom Leadership Award, Lincoln Public Schools, 2008

Ruth Harbin Miles, Ed.S.

Leader in developing teachers’ math content and strategy knowledge

  • Math Coach to rural, suburban, and inner-city school mathematics teachers
  • Mary Baldwin University Adjunct Instructor, Staunton, Virginia, 2006–2018
  • K–12 Mathematics Coordinator, Olathe District Schools, Olathe, Kansas, 1980–2006
  • NCTM Board of Directors, 2013–2016
  • NCSM Board of Directors, 2005–2008
  • Board of Directors, Kansas Association of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Co-author of several published books

John SanGiovanni, M.Ed.

Leader in understanding the mathematics needs of all students and teachers

  • Coordinator of Elementary Mathematics, Howard County, Maryland
  • President, Maryland Council of Supervisor of Mathematics
  • Graduate Program Coordinator, Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leader program, McDaniel College (MD)
  • NCTM Board of Directors, 2015–2018
  • Author and co-author of numerous education books

Jeffery Shih, Ph.D.

Advocate for the importance of student knowledge

  • Instructor and Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Mathematics Education, 1999–present
  • Co-Director, Center for Mathematics, Science and Engineering Education, 2013–present
  • NCTM Board of Directors, 2018–present
  • Recipient, University of Nevada, Distinguished Teaching Award, 2014
  • Recipient, University of Nevada, Distinguished Service Award in Education, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2006
  • Recipient, University of Nevada, Mathematics and Science Education Achievement Award, 2005
  • Author and co-author of numerous research articles

Contributing Authors

Nicki Newton, Ed.D.

Expert in bringing student-focused strategies and workshops into the classroom

  • Educational consultant and speaker in districts across the US and Canada
  • Former bilingual elementary and middle school teacher
  • Former Graduate instructor, Columbia, CUNY, MCNY, Mercy College, Cambridge College
  • Founder and Developer of Math Online PD Academy
  • Author of several published books (including Guided Math and Math Running Workstations)

Raj Shah, Ph.D.

Champion of perseverant problem-solvers and student curiosity in mathematics

  • Watch Dr. Shah speak about promoting growth mindset.
  • Founder, Math Plus Academy, an after-school STEM enrichment program for students, ages 5 to 14
  • Founding member, The Global Math Project
  • Ph.D. Physics, University of Illinois, 1999
  • R&D Engineering and Management, Intel Corporation, 1999–2008
  • Affiliate, Math Teacher Circles and the Julia Robinson Math Festival

Cheryl Tobey, M.Ed.

Facilitator of strategies that drive informed instructional decisions

  • Watch Dr. Tobey speak about the benefits of formative assessment.
  • State Elementary Mathematics Specialist, Department of Education, Augusta, Maine 2016–present
  • Professional Development Specialist, Education Development Center, Waltham, MA, 2008–2016
  • Mathematics Program Director, Mathematic and Science Alliance, Augusta, Maine 2001–2008
  • Co-Principal Investigator and Projector Director on NSF, IES and State MSP grants 2001–2016
  • Classroom educator, 1991–2001
  • Co-author of 12 books on Formative Assessment, Corwin Press, 2006–2017

Dinah Zike, M.Ed.

Creator of learning tools that make connections through visual-kinesthetic techniques

  • Founder of Dinah Zike Academy, an accredited professional development center for K–12 teachers
  • Inventor of Foldables® and other multi-sensory graphic organizers
  • Educational Publisher, Dinah.com and Dinah-Might Activities, L.P
  • Author of numerous award-winning books and educational materials