Reveal the Power of Mathematics

Reveal Math® empowers educators to uncover the mathematician in every student through powerful explorations, rich discourse, and timely and insightful differentiation opportunities.

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Guiding Principles

Depth of Standards

The pedagogy behind Reveal Math ensures that instruction meets the rigor of new standards while providing students the critical thinking skills they need to succeed in school, college, and career. Rich tasks nurture innate curiosity as students explore multiple pathways to problem solving.

Active Classroom

Effective learning requires student engagement. Reveal Math encourages students to participate in their learning through an inviting Interactive Student Edition, an easy-to-use interface for digital interactives, and collaborative learning experiences that deepen conceptual understanding. Online videos, animations, simulations, and technology-enhanced items further heighten the learning experience and provide a reference for visual learners.

Insightful Instruction

With Formative Assessment Math Probes, Teacher Edition tips on uncovering student misconceptions, and integrated adaptive technology, teachers have all the tools they need to effectively differentiate in the classroom.

Student Mindset

Reveal Math is built on the principle that changing the way students think can change the way that they learn and lead them to a deeper enjoyment of math class. The curriculum includes Mindset Matters tips, problems that promote productive struggle, and prompts for students to engage in mathematical discourse and mathematical thinking.