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AP advantage

AP advantage, exclusively from McGraw-Hill, is a powerful suite of online teaching and learning resources paired with your text that delivers personalized, adaptive support where and when students need it. Beginning before class starts with ONboard, students build the prerequisite skills and knowledge to prepare for the rigors of the course. The AP Core materials provide comprehensive, fully aligned instruction, practice, and assessments. SCOREboard delivers targeted test prep to boost proficiency and confidence for success on the AP Exam. All of your resources, all in one place with the AP advantage.

In 2018, The AP advantage will be available on a brand newdigital platform that offers:

  • Learning Management system (LMS) integration
  • Single Sign-on (SS0)
  • The same platform as IMPACT: California Social Studies
  • Student rostering capabilities


AP Course Prep

The self-paced, interactive program students use before class starts to ensure they have mastered the background knowledge and skills needed to approach course instruction.

AP Core

AP Program and Course Support

A blend of robust core and supporting resources, in print and online, that enhance the teaching and learning experience, including:

  • Core AP textbook
  • AP SmartBook, adaptive reading experience
  • AP Chapter Banks
  • AP Teacher's Manual
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Powerful reporting tools


AP Test Prep

Personalized, adaptive AP test prep gives students the opportunity to remediate areas of weakness, deepen their understanding, and apply their learning in the context of the AP exam and includes four complete AP practice exams.

Comprehensive programs. 100% course alignment.
AP customized resources for teachers and students.

When you fuse rigorous college-level content with accessible, inspiring instructional support, immersive activities, and authors who are renowned in their field, you give AP students the tools they need to reach their highest potential in their AP course, and beyond.

AP US History
American History: Connecting
with the Past
UPDATED AP Edition © 2017

New Curriculum Framework!
American History UPDATED AP Edition by Alan Brinkley fully addresses the latest AP United States History curriculum, providing students with guidance and support to master key concepts and themes, develop historical thinking skills, and succeed on the new AP U.S. History Exam.

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AP World History
Traditions and Encounters: A Global
Perspective on the Past
UPDATED AP Edition © 2017
Bentley, Zeigler, Streets-Salter

New Curriculum Framework!
Traditions & Encounters UPDATED AP Edition has been revised to support teachers and students for the latest AP World History course and exam. Integrated AP features and hundreds of primary sources enhance the learning experience and prepare students for the redesigned AP World History Exam.

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AP Economics
AP Edition, Twentieth Edition, © 2018
McConnell, Brue, Flynn

The Gold Standard in Economics!
The newest edition of Economics reflects 40 years of teaching success providing clear treatment of economic concepts, balanced coverage, and thoughtful explanations. Streamlined to only focus on AP content (seven enrichment chapters are available online), with easy visual clues to separate microeconomic and macroeconomic content, this edition provides students with a clear path to success on the AP Exam.

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AP US Government & Politics
American Democracy Now
AP Edition, Fifth Edition, ©2017
Harrison, Harris, Deardorff

Engaging, Modern, & Fresh
American Democracy Now was built on a foundation of strong pedagogy. The authors are active, teaching professors who are not only experts in their field, but experts on how students learn best. American Democracy Now is visually appealing and relevant, making it a student favorite. Complex fundamentals - such as the Constitution - are explained in everyday language to aid understanding.

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The Science of Psychology:
An Appreciative View
AP Edition, Fourth Edition, ©2017

Teach your AP Psychology Students to Think Like Scientists The modern, yet approachable narrative in The Science of Psychology provides students with a scientific approach to psychology, placing function before dysfunction. This new AP edition includes AP-focused chapter introductions, AP vocabulary, and AP Exam-style end-of-chapter questions to help AP students succeed in the course and on the exam.

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Hands-on, Interactive Electives Options

Powerful, standards-based curriculum coupled with hands-on, interactive exercises and project-based learning activities promote critical thinking, application, and skill mastery. Bring abstract concepts to life for today's high school students interested in studying electives courses.

McGraw-Hill Networks™
Geography: The Human and Physical World

Further promote global perspectives with this engaging electives course. Relevant, up-to-date features bring the world to your classroom and allow students to make connections between geography, people, and the world in which we live.

McGraw-Hill Networks™
Understanding Psychology

Accurate, comprehensive and developmentally appropriate, this introductory, inquiry-based Psychology course uses case studies, projects and Psych Labs to develop critical thinking and engage students in the learning process.

McGraw-Hill Networks™
Sociology & You

Written exclusively for high school, this interactive course introduces students to the discipline of sociology and the sociological study of society. Trusted authorship communicates the theory and application of sociology principles in understandable, age-appropriate language.

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