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Unifying instruction and assessment

  • Benchmark Tests
    Create official, district-wide summative and formative assessments.
  • Reporting
    Monitor each student’s progress in every subject, every year, and every school.
  • Course Maps
    Manage the scope and sequence of each course using a simple drag-and-drop function.
  • Single Sign-On
    Access all resources, including third-party content, with a single sign-on.

  • Discussions
    Communicate easily using the full messaging system, class and private discussions, and more.
  • Class Tests
    Create rich, multimedia classroom tests and quizzes.
  • Standards
    Conduct standards-based instruction—tag any assignment or question with one or more standards.

Engrade transforms K-12 education by unifying all your learning technology in one site with one sign-on and one purpose: to empower teachers, students, parents, and administrators. We bring together the best of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Assessment Systems in what we call an Instructional Management Platform. It’s easy to use, time-saving, and fully configurable. It’s accessible on any device, anywhere, at any time.

We partner with you to meet the unique challenges and needs of your school district. Our platform covers the entire learning cycle. Depending on your district’s need, you may also choose to implement a configuration with only one of our two modules—Engrade Instruct, for managing digital curricula and engaging, interactive instruction, and Engrade Inform, for delivering online assessments with robust analytics.

Engrade Instruct is our Learning Management System and more. It empowers teachers with helpful technology tools and keeps students engaged with interactive learning.

  • Connect data to the curriculum
  • Design lesson plans
  • Locate standards-aligned resources in our content repository
  • Manage the curriculum
  • Engage students with interactive lessons
  • Improve communications with students, parents, and fellow teachers
  • Assess students' proficiency using more than 15 technology-enhanced question formats aligned to PARCC and Smarter Balanced Standards
  • Track students' mastery levels with standards-based grading

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Engrade Inform is our Assessment and Reporting Module. It provides districts with interactive assessments, as well as a unified way to track student performance and progress toward goals.

  • Author district-wide benchmark and classroom formative assessments
  • Assess students with more than 15 technology-enhanced questions that mirror PARCC and SBAC
  • Simplify assessment management
  • View student progress holistically across all assessments—including summative tests—and throughout each year
  • Compare data by student, class, and school
  • Access district-wide interactive lessons and assessments

Engrade Benefits Everyone


Manage districts and schools with more robust, configurable tools

  • Access real-time data at every level
  • Integrate Engrade with other digital systems in your district
  • Create district-level curriculum maps and assessments, and share them with your teachers


Instruct and assess with a single, powerful platform

  • Communicate and collaborate with other teachers, parents, and students
  • Create lesson plans and classroom assessments
  • Transform data into information to truly personalize instruction


Discover a more engaging way to learn

  • Access resources that meet your exact needs
  • Connect anytime, anywhere
  • Communicate with teachers


Get involved more easily

  • See assignments and results
  • Get text and email alerts
  • Respond to teachers

"Engrade is great. My students voted it the most useful resource I gave them this year."

- Hanna Matthews, City of London Academy