The Power of Partners

At Engrade, we know that your education technology works best when it works together. With this in mind, we ensured that Engrade supports open standards—this means it can integrate seamlessly with your partners as well as our own. The result: Engrade allows you to access all your existing district systems and content providers through one site with one sign-on. Plus, it gives you access to our extensive network of valuable learning resources, many of which are free. We invite you to learn more today.

Current Platform Integration

Engrade brings together all your existing education technology solutions in a single online platform. Single Sign-On (SSO) technology means that each Engrade user can access all resources with one unique set of sign-on credentials, rather than one for each resource. Data such as grades can flow in both directions between the district and partners if authorized.

Open Educational Resources

Engrade has assembled an extensive selection of free resources in our content repository for teaching, learning, and assessment. We can activate and configure these according to your specific needs. A district can request an asset that covers a particular topic, such as fractions, and Engrade will automatically provide matching free resources that teachers can incorporate into lessons they assign to students.

Item Banks

Engrade provides high-quality items from a wide range of providers. Districts and teachers can use these items to write their own questions and create their own tests. We also offer item banks that are already established, well-crafted, and structured for creating tests.

Publisher Partnerships and Integrations

Engrade integrates with several product providers, so that users can access their resources directly from our site. Teachers can conveniently identify resources by topic, create lesson plans, and assign lessons to students.