Correctional Education

Earning a high school equivalency diploma can make a big difference in easing the transition from incarceration to the community. According to recent research, inmates who participate in high school education programs have 30 percent lower odds of returning to prison, and a 13 percent higher chance of finding a job once they get out, compared to their peers.

The Common Core High School Equivalency Series offers a budget-friendly curriculum that prepares adult learners for test success, while developing essential skills for sustained employment, on-going training, and college readiness.

Succeed with our 3-part solution for correctional education

Common Core Basics Grade 6-8 Equivalent Common Core Achieve Grade 9-12 Equivalent HSE Achieve Interactive Grade 9-12 Equivalent

High School Equivalency Achieve Interactive

Grade Level Equivalency 9-12

2014 GED® Test, TASC™ test, and HiSET® exam preparation

Not just aligned, but built upon the new standards and 2014 assessment targets, High School Equivalency Achieve Interactive for grade equivalent 9-12 learners, provides LAN/computer-based high school equivalency test preparation, in a secure, offline environment. This all-new digital program ensures your adult learners achieve test success while developing a strong foundation for college and career readiness.


  • Courses in the four, tested content areas: Reading & Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies

  • Test-specific core content instruction, and assessment for the 2014 GED® Test, HiSET® exam, and TASC™ test

  • Interactive lessons, practice, and assessments that mirror new computer-based item types

  • A scope and sequence aligned to Common Core Achieve print products to allow the option of seamless, blended learning


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