Instructor Support

Empowering instructors to teach at their best is critical for student success. So why do most programs only provide answer keys and generic lesson plans? Explore the unprecedented program-specific instructor support within Common Core Basics and Common Core Achieve, and the best practices professional development of the Adult Education Online Professional Development Series

Program-Specific Instructor Resources    Best Practices Professional Development

Created in partnership with the American Institutes for Research (AIR) and the National College Transitions Network (NCTN), the Adult Education Online Professional Development Series is the perfect complement to Common Core Basics or Common Core Achieve. It empowers instructors to turn core practices of the College and Career Readiness Standards into everyday instruction, strengthen instruction across content areas, and drive measurable academic gains for adult learners.

Courses are housed within McGraw-Hill Education’s Professional Learning Environment (PLE). The comprehensive PLE offers easy-to-use tools that support your professional learning and will maximize your investment in adult education programs:

  • Interactive modules and media-rich instructional resources promote comprehensive content-area knowledge.
  • Discussion boards make it easy for instructors to collaborate and share within communities of adult educators.
  • Progress monitoring allows you to track professional development progress.
  • Certificates of completion provide a pathway to gaining CEU credits.

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