Student Data Privacy Notice


As a global leader in providing digital learning systems for educators and students, McGraw-Hill Education is deeply committed to protecting the privacy of their customers and their students. Whether you are using Connect, ConnectEd, Engrade or any of our other solutions, we collect personal information that we use to provide, maintain and improve the solution. We are providing the below information so that you can understand how we protect and use your information. If you are under 18, we suggest that you review this information with your parents. Your school is ultimately responsible for your information, so we encourage you to reach out to your school if you have any questions or concerns about your privacy. Should the below information change, we will update it here, but more importantly, we will notify your school in writing and obtain their consent before implementing any new practices that affect your privacy beyond what is described.

This information applies to all students who use our digital learning system. Educational institutions are best able to provide you with a full understanding of their privacy practices and more information on how their students' PII is collected, shared, and used. To obtain more detailed information about how PII is collected, used, and shared by or on behalf of an educational institution, please contact the appropriate individual at that institution.

What is personally identifiable information (PII)?

Personally Identifiable Information, or PII, is information that can identify you, or when combined with other information can be used to identify you.

Personally identifiable information, or PII, is information that can be used to identify you, such as your name, address, or ID numbers. PII also includes information that can be combined to identify you, such as your date of birth and birthplace. Any information that is combined with PII is also considered PII as long as it is linked to PII. For example, we couldn't identify you based on your grade level, however grade level is PII as long as it is connected to you.

What PII do we collect and how do we use it?

We collect PII, such as contact information and education details, in order to provide you with the product and/or service requested.

We only collect the information we require to provide, maintain and improve the digital learning solution you use. When you register, or are registered within one of our digital learning solutions, we typically only collect your name, school, instructor, class, and login information. However, once you begin using one of our solutions, we collect your input to questions, technical specifications, and other information about how you use the solution. As mentioned above, we use this information to provide you with the solution, as well as maintain and improve the solution.

What other information do we collect?

We may also collect computer metadata and content to provide, improve, and maintain our products and services.

When you use our digital learning systems, we collect information without you having to enter it through the use of cookies, web beacons or other tracking mechanisms. This includes information about your experience such as your IP address, operating systems, pages viewed, and time spent. This information is also used to enable the functions of the digital learning system, as well as customize, maintain, and improve our digital learning systems. You may disable cookies via your browser or third party mechanisms. However, some features of our digital learning systems may not functional properly without them. Third party cookies that may be used include Google Analytics and Webtrends.

If you access our web sites from the European Union, you will be presented with an additional notification regarding cookies and will be provided with an opportunity to approve the use of cookies.

You can change your Web browser's Internet preferences to disable or delete cookies, although that may affect certain functions on this site. To learn how to manage your cookies, please follow the instructions from your specific browser, or follow the links below:

Do we use your PII to market to you?

We will not sell your PII or market to you using PII from our digital learning systems.

We will not sell your PII to other organizations, nor will we send you advertisements using the information we collect while you use the solution. In addition, we will not share this information with any third party unless they are assisting us with providing, maintaining or improving the solution. If we do share your information, we only share it with those organizations that can commit to the same levels of privacy and security that we do.

When do we share your PII with third parties?

In general, we only share your PII in order to provide, maintain, or improve our products or services, or respond to legal requests.

  1. o-branded/Other Web Sites and Features – We may share your PII with third-party business partners for the purpose of providing the Service to you. Those business partners will be given limited access to the PII that is reasonably necessary to deliver the Service, and we will require that such third parties follow the same privacy and security practices as McGraw-Hill Education.
  2. Business Transfer – In the event of a sale, merger or acquisition, we may transfer your PII to a separate entity. This entity will be responsible for ensuring that your PII is used only for authorized purposes and by authorized persons in a manner consistent with the choices customers and prospects have made under this Policy, and that security, integrity and privacy of the information is maintained.
  3. Agents/Service providers – Sometimes we hire other companies to perform certain business-related functions for us. In certain instances, we provide these companies with access to your PII in order for them to perform their functions. However, we limit that access to only information required to perform their specific function, and we contractually require that these organizations follow the same privacy and security requirements.
  4. Affiliates – McGraw-Hill Education is a global corporation that consists of multiple organizations. In some instances, we may share your PII between organizations within McGraw-Hill Education to provide, maintain, and improve our products and services.
  5. Customers – As we are a service provider to your school, we may share your date with approved individuals at your school, such as administrators or educators
  6. Law Enforcement – In the event that McGraw-Hill Education receives a legal demand for customer data from a law enforcement agency that requests will only be honored if:
    1. The request complies with all laws and clearly establishes the legal need for disclosure.
    2. The request is related to a specific investigation and specific user accounts are implicated in that investigation.
    3. Whenever legally permissible, users shall receive notice that their information is being requested.

What privacy controls and choices do we offer you?

You may contact customer service to review or correct your PII.

  1. Reviewing & correcting your information – We strive to ensure that the PII we have about you is accurate and current. However, since McGraw-Hill Education is a service provider to your school, please contact the appropriate contact at your school if you want to review your account information, or believe that the PII we have about you is inaccurate.
  2. Consent – As noted above, your educational institution is ultimately responsible for the privacy of your PII. MHE obtains consent from your institution to collect, process, and store your PII. If you have any questions regarding the collection and use of your PII, please contact the appropriate individual at your educational institution.

How do we protect your PII?

Our IT security team has established reasonable security measures to protect your PII.

We use reasonable security measures to protect your PII from unauthorized access and use.

Can you delete your PII?

You may request that we delete your PII through your school, however you should be aware this may limit your ability to use our products or services.

We can delete your information at the request of your school. Since your school has hired us to manage this information for them, we ask that you or your parent make any request directly to your school. Please know that if we do receive a request to delete your information, you may no longer be able to access or use the digital learning solution.

When do we store, transfer or process PII internationally?

McGraw-Hill Education is a global organization based in the U.S. Depending on your location, we may transfer and store your PII for processing in the U.S.

McGraw-Hill Education is a global organization headquartered in the United States. Depending on your location and the product or service, your information may be stored and processed within secure data centers in the U.S., where U.S. law applies. If your data is stored locally, then your local laws prevail.

We recognize and acknowledge current data protection laws in the European Union, Switzerland, and around the world. We follow the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework and the U.S.-Switzerland Safe Harbor Framework administered by the U.S. Department of Commerce. For more information about the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles, please visit the U.S. Department of Commerce's website at

Any questions or complaints regarding this Policy or the collection, use, disclosure, or transfer of Personal Data covered by this Policy should be directed to

In the event your complaint cannot be resolved, you may contact the appropriate DPA or the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner. The contact information for the EU DPAs is available at The contact information for the Commissioner is available at