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McGraw-Hill Education Procure to Pay team Announcement:
Effective immediately, a letter from the Supplier’s bank is required when requesting changes to any banking information currently on file. The letter must be on bank letterhead, signed by a bank manager, and written in English. All account details should be provided, and the account holder’s name must match the name MHE has in our Supplier file. If the supplier does not comply with the request for confirmation, it could result in a delay of the supplier’s payment. If a supplier has any questions, please have them contact the MHE A/P Team at (877) 876-9658 or

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As of June 2016, McGraw-Hill Education implemented a Vendor Management System (VMS), Fieldglass, and a Managed Service Provider (MSP), Agile-1, to assist MHE with our contingent labor program. Please note this is currently only for domestic contingent labor, not goods. The MSP process and VMS tool will affect traditional temporary workers, suppliers, and independent contractors/freelancers. This solution enhances our current process of managing contingent workers. For current partners of MHE that fall in the contingent labor space, expect to receive further information directly from Agile-1 when onboarding your organization if you have not been onboarded already.


Contingent Labor is defined within MHE as the following Supplier types:

Traditional Temporary/Staff Augmentation Workers; hourly workers that are provided to MHE via a staffing agency or a professional services organization by either the recruited workforce method or directly pay-rolling pre-identified individuals.

Independent Contractors/Freelancers; individual with 0-8 W-2 employees. Independent Contractors are working with MHE under contract with outlined deliverables and resources in order to complete a project in a specific timeframe.

Supplier SOW Company/Project Based Workers; Organization with 9 or more W-2 employees that offer project based workers. Supplier organizations are working with MHE under contract with outlined deliverables and resources in order to complete a project in a specific timeframe.

Questions: Any questions please direct to them to the Agile-1 team at

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Ariba Network Information

What is Ariba Network?

The Ariba Network(AN) is a business-to-business e-commerce application that streamlines the overall procurement process with suppliers and improves the invoice to payment cycle by faster invoice reconciliation leading to on-time payments. Using the AN is MHE's preferred way of doing business. Suppliers will receive MHE contracts and/or purchase orders electronically, which they are then able to invoice against. Suppliers have the ability to track invoices and payment status over the AN.

How to join the Ariba Network?

To join the Ariba Network (AN), please go to and choose "Register as a New Supplier" to register. The registration process only takes a few minutes. Once registered, you will receive an ANID#, which is a unique identification number specifically assigned to your business by Ariba. Please record this number for future reference and add this to your MHE supplier profile so that we can begin to transact with you electronically. For your reference, here are step by step instructions on the registration process. If you need additional assistance, please contact Ariba Network’s Customer Support Team at 1-866-218-2155.

Contact Info

Ariba Network’s Customer Support Team: 1-866-218-2155

Suppliers on Ariba Network

For Ariba Network information for suppliers already registered on the AN, click here.